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The Training ROI Excel Worksheet is designed to help you calculate the "real" or "actual" cost of any "off the job" training program and place a future “value” on your performance in the portion of your job that uses the knowledge/skills that may be improved by the training. 

NOTE: You will need to have Microsoft Excel97 or later installed on your PC to use the worksheet.

Using your own task related compensation as the basis for determining a reasonable “value” for your performance improvements along with a commonly used formula for estimating "real" training costs, the spreadsheet will calculate a potential Return on Investment for the training. Conversely, you can see the potential waste if you do not make the best possible use of what you learn. By entering various values in the appropriate cells, you can perform "what if" scenarios to help determine if it is worth your while to take the training. 

NOTE: The  words "real," "actual," and "value" (above) are in quotes because these costs and values are not quantifiable with absolute certainty. There are simply too many variables in the workplace which can affect the measurement of cost and value added that cannot be cleanly isolated or precisely measured. However, the spreadsheet estimates these values. If you enter reasonable estimates for the time you spend on training related tasks, their importance, and per diem training cost, while the results will be hypothetical, they will give you a very fair idea of the "actual" cost of training, "real" potential value added, and ROI.

Depending on the amount of work time you spend on training related tasks, the amount of increased effectiveness you desire to gain, and the importance you attach to those tasks, a potential ROI of several hundred, or even one or two thousand percent, is not out of the question. However, if your potential ROI is low, say only 100% or 200%, you might want to consider not taking the training at the present time. It might not be worth it to you, at least given the parameters you entered. Remember, a 100% ROI means you're just breaking even.

You can save the worksheet to your hard drive for future use. You will be running Excel in another browser window, so all you have to do is click File/Save As, select the location you want to store it, give it any name you want, and click Save, the same as with any other Excel file. From then on, you can retrieve the worksheet from that location instead of coming back here.

When you have finished using the worksheet, simply close the browser window in which the spreadsheet is running. If you have not saved your work, it will ask you if you want to do so.

To access the worksheet, click here. To be sure you can see the entire sheet, maximize the browser window when it opens.

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